Monday, June 15, 2015

I Have a Problem

Hi my name is Lindsay, and I'm a sugar addict.
Well, at least according to google I am. My friends have noticed the problem, and they only see such a small portion of what I eat. The jars of Nutella, or boxes of Oreos consumed in one day; the five candy bars falling out of my bag in my Spanish writing class, and the plethora of candy bars I would buy for myself during our Bolivia/Peru trip, despite the crazy expense. These habits perpetuate obvious addiction. What they miss is the chocolate cereal I ate for breakfast, the chocolate covered snacks I snuck from my host family's snack cabinet, the trips to McDonalds for cheap ice cream (they have one's that just sell ice cream), and the pile of chocolate helado I consume whenever my host family offers it to me. They also don't usually see the process of consuming a whole jar of Nutella.
They don't see that I have 0 self-control to stop.
But I need too. 
My friends joke that chocolate is what gives me my super human abilities (which I suppose I'll have to explain in another post haha), but chocolate is not my problem...sugar is. It's high levels are almost unanimously consistent in my every meal.
So, here's the plan:
1. Detox: PERIOD 1 WEEK
Cut out as many sugars as possible. If need be, substitute them with things I normally don't have. Ie. salads, tea, etc.
2. Reincorporate: PERIOD 1 WEEK
Reincorporate more healthy sugars. Fruits; things that may not have the best sugar content, but have beneficial nutrients.
I think this is the hardest part. I've had plenty of times where I kicked sugar. When I first I arrived in Chile, I lost some weight really quickly due to this. I didn't even crave it until I noticed how much of it my host family had in the house. Then, during my Bolivia/Peru Trip I supplemented it for energy. Since then, the problem has only escalated into something I can no longer control. Even when I don't really want the sweet/chocolate, I still eat it.

DISCLAIMER: On all spelling/grammar errors: I know they're there, but I'm kinda busy and don't feel like looking for them. In addition, I am currently living in a foreign country that does not speak English; so mine is a bit out of whack.